16 Horsepower,Calexico,Iron & Wine: Americana masterpieces albums


16 Horsepower- Folklore(2004)NE.Orig.Volkoren WAV 16-44
Performer – David Eugene Edwards, Jean-Yves Tola, Pascal Humbert
First pressing on vinyl, strictly limited to 300 copies.


“Folklore”,is the Five album of 16 Horsepower.
The music seems affected by old folk styles,and white gospel.
The vocals of David Eugene Edwards shows,a wonderful sense of craft.
This is a landmark of alt-country genre,with the brooding of gothic tones.
The music wears the listener,to the depresion of deepest US rural states.




A1 Hutterite Mile

A2 Outlaw Song

A3 Blessed Persistence

A4 Alone And Forsaken

A5 Single Girl



16 Horsepower- Folklore,Side A,LP in WAV 16 bits




B1 Beyond The Pale

B2 Horse Head Fiddle

B3 Sinnerman

B4 Flutter

B5 La Robe A Parasol



16 Horsepower- Folklore,Side B,LP in WAV 16 bits



Calexico | Iron & Wine- In The Reins(2005)Touch and Go 12″ WAV 16-44



This is a collaboration album between,two Indie Folk band´s.
Iron & Wine´s, Sam Beam wrote all the songs,and sings with emotional depth.
Pedal steels,vibraphone,and meandering trumpets lead the music to the wide-screen West.
I could hightly recommend Calexico´s “The black light” and “Hot rail” (2nd and third albums).
Then,Iron & Wine “The creek drank the cradle”,“Our endless numbered days”,“The Shepherd´s dog”(First three albums),are trademarks too.





A1 He Lays In The Reins

A2 Prison On Route 41

A3 History Of Lovers






Calexico | Iron & Wine,Side A,12″ in WAV 16 bits




B1 Red Dust

B2 Sixteen, Maybe Less

B3 Burn That Broken Bed

B4 Dead Man’s Will



Calexico | Iron & Wine,Side B,12” in WAV 16 bits

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