The lost Third Pavlov´s Dog, Album

Pavlov´s Dog

A progressive rock band originally from St. Louis,Missouri (U.S.A.),with lead singer David Surkamp,and Steve Scorfina as a lead guitar.

The St.Louis Hounds(Pavlov´s Dog) (77)US lp.It´s the Third album,(also release as “St. Louis Hound”),is quite similar than first two legendary Pavlov´s Dog albums,
-Pavlov’s Dog –Pampered Menial(75)US MOV(2020) Reissue LP
-Pavlov’s Dog -At the Sound of the Bell (76) CBS LP


A light soft-rock progressive style,with pretentious and pompous music arrangements.
The falseto voice of David Surkamp is weird,and should be apropiate for a hard rock band.
This is a really nice album,and you won’t be disappointed with all these songs, and maybe they will even surprise you in a positive way.

Easy listening genre and accesible pop-rock songs,like “I Love You Still” and “Today”.

The overall sound of this lp is very dissappointed,the vinyl record released by the members is not really a bootleg but a self-released vinyl,than came from stolen cassette source.
Two members of the band were dissapointed,with David Surkamp and CBS label,them try to sell it because wanted to get more money.
It seems only were made officially 99 units,as a marketing gag,but would have easiely sold more than 100s,back.

Here it´s the complete album,recorded from an analog vinyl source,in WAV 16-44 format.

Side One

The St.Louis Hounds(Pavlov´s Dog) (77)US lp.

St. Louis Hounds-Side A

Side Two

The St.Louis Hounds(Pavlov´s Dog) (77)US lp.

St. Louis Hounds-Side B



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