The Chemistry Set English psychedelic band

English psychedelic band,from London,The Chemistry Set got started back in 1987 recording a home cassette,and made some flexi disc for several fanzines.

Earlies demo,published only on a cassette tape.,The Chemistry Set (1988)

The Chemistry Set – “Love Will Always Disappear” MP3.

Their music style is between Brit neo-Psych,in Robyn Hitchcock,The Barracudas and
the 60´s American garage bands,Electric Prunes,Standells,13 th Floor Elevators…
Getting a John Peel airplay show,recorded an studio album but not happy with the production,they never published the album.
Toured on the UK, Europe and US before splitting in the 90s,and then kick starting again in 2008.

Beyond the Wildwood-A tribute to Syd Barrett

See Emily Play – The Chemistry Set

Dave Mclean and Paul Lake,released five 7″ singles on Fruits de Mer records. In 2016,they made a new lp,“The Endless More And More” that draw on a variety of Psychedelic and Rock ‘n’ Roll influences…

Spanish RADIO-3, El Sótano – The Chemistry Set; orfebrería psicodélica – 11/02/16

“The canyon of the crescent moon “(grabación acústica exclusiva para El Sótano).

-The Chemistry Set-Live at Cellar Bar, 04-08-19

Last year during the summer festival in Cardigan´s.
The 17 th. dream of Dr.Sardonicus Festival,present an England neo-psychedelic band,The Chemistry Set.
A brilliant live acoustic set,with The Love cover song,”A house is not a motel”,and songs from their last Fruits de Mer lp,“The Endless More And More”.

-Interview at Pizza Tipi bar,after the live concert 17 th dream at Celar Bar,Cardigan´s 04-08-19.

Dave Mclean and Paul Lake,founders of the England psychedelics The Chemistry set,talk about earlies times,after their live acoustic set during the 17th. dream of Dr.Sardonicus festival,in Cardigan.



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