Dpto. premastering i control vinyl a la fábrica GZ Media,Praga

Entrevista amb Zbynek Lebr,premastering manager ,Thomas setting vinyl cutting parameters,and George vinyl record inspection.

Thomas,audio enginer

”When you cut the master disc high frequencies are always distorted and produces sibilance,then you could cut with a lower level”.

I´ve got about 3000 vinyl records.The first ones,comes from my father collection,when I was young I didn´t play with toys,I just listen music from vinyl,that´s the reason I love vinyls so much.
10 years ago,I started to buy records in London during my high school studies.
I visited small specialized record shops and Virgin,too.I bought Men at Work,last album,yesterday.
This month,I´m going to visit 3 or 4 music festivals in electronic music style,here in Czech Republic.

Lebr,premastering manager
On their audio lab they works with Prism sound,analogic-digital converted.
Lebr,shows us how does it works the Neumann built disk-cutting lathes,DMM machine
Captura de pantalla 2016-06-08 a les 13.33.16

Vinyl is cut directly into 100 micrometer thing layer.The record is cut with a diamond stylus
in real time.The blank is holding on the turntable by vacuum.It´s perfectly narrow.
There are some special control units(Neumann),than amplify the signal on the vinyl processing,and convert to cutting edge format.Then,the signal is cutting in real time into the

”We´ve got a development dept. than has modify some of the most critical Neumann solutions,space conductions,and distortions,for example.So,we have in advanced any critical part of music,we have to record”.

George,Quality control dpt.
The first step is check everything,so I open the track,and listen those files send by the label co.
Then we prepare separatelly,first side and second side.
Track markers is the next step, and check the labels and artwork.
The difference between original digital audio and test pressing is higher than if we check lacker and record,because both are recorded with same turntable,same cartridge,and same stylus,but the diferent is only the material vinyl compare to the laquer,well,maybe some processing in the plant like add small noises.
If we see the spectograme,there are some cracks,hides on the music,but if difficult to listen as lower music.
Watching the signals,is no posible to check which cracks came from lacker and which from the test pressings.
He checks some issues and cracks are on the master,and correct them.
Played as a musician in a Beatles cover band,named Pangea.



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