V.A.-North America Good Things,Psychedelic Vol. 2

This is the second series of V.A.,”Various Artist”compilation LP,made by myself with one track each choose from 11 lps in 60´s/70´s US,Psychedelic genre.
All the songs recorded are first Originals editions,and those rips are made without use any dynamic range compression,limiting,or EQ of any kind.
Also,I have added an complete vinyl artwork with real sizes.

A1.Conjerti, Morreale & Dibley-I Lost My Love

A2 .PEOPLE’S VICTORY ORCHESTRA & CHORUS-Ballet for a small apartment

A3 .Cargoe-Feel alright

A4 .Lazarus-Stay with me

A5 .The Id-Stone and Steel

A6 .The Amboy Dukes-Baby please don´t go

Galleta side 1 Apa 002

B1 .Ultimate Spinach-Ultimate Spinach-(Ballad of The) Hip Death Goddess

B2 .The Beacon Street Union-King of the Jungle

B3 .People-She’s a Dancer

Galleta side 1

B4 .Mr. Flood’s Party-Simon J. Stone

Lomo Apa-002

B5 .The Fugs-C.I.A. Man



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