Groundhogs-Thank Christ For The Bomb(70)US.first edition Liberty Gat.24-96

Groundhogs-Thank Christ For The Bomb,Orig. US,lp

British Delta-blues band formed in 1963.
The band´s name cames from a John Lee Hooker,”Groundhog Blues”,song.
Members:Tony McPhee (guitar,vocals),Pete Cruickshank (bass),Ken Pustelnik (drums).
Musically speaking,the first 3 lps credited to Groundhogs and Tony McPhee,are a much light shining,for the high level of keyboards,electric guitar and drums.
These musicians,beats many of contemporary 70´s blues rock bands.
About this 3rd album,is quite more progressive than their previous classic blues rock,works.
The title album,is a summary of a protest-folk about WWII.

Play it loud,astonish McPhee guitar solos,he is the British equivalent to Hendrix.


A1 Strange Town 4:16
A2 Darkness Is No Friend 2:43
A3 Soldier 4:51
A4 Thank Christ For The Bomb 7:15
B1 Ship On The Ocean 3:27
B2 Garden 5:10
B3 Status People 3:32
B4 Rich Man, Poor Man 3:25
B5 Eccentric Man 4:53

Some comments about this vinyl rip,in WAV format,

-“Looks amazing.I would buy it based on the cover.Thanks for the preview!”

-“Thank you.It looks like I can retire my old United Artist/Sunset reissue”.

-“Wow,Thank you!,I was just thinking a few days ago,how it´s a shame nobody has ripped an original pressing of this one”.

-“Play it loud,astonish guitar solos.
I can strong agree with that!
Thanks for the Groundhogs”.

Groundhogs-Thank Christ For The Bomb. US lp.

Side A

Groundhogs-Thank Christ For The Bomb. US lp.

Side B



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