60´s US.,Garage & Punk Compilation lp

Link Wray,Duane Eddy,The Kingsmen,or the Fabulous Wailers,were some examples of Rock´n´roll pioneers,but all teenagers were inspired in the mid-60´s,with The Beatles and British invasion,them played a creepy sounding organ,a keening guitar riff,drums,short bass solo,scream falsetto voice,and had their own garage band.
I made myself a 60´s compilation garage bands than were steps ahead of his time,because of their recordings gained great attention on the US.
These bands have consistently found inspiration with the simplicity and energy of garage rock,for all next generation´s rock bands.
The recording songs,cames fron analog vinils and dynamics could be differents due to first originals,reissues……
Audio format is in wav,glorious 24 bits.

US 60´s,Garage & Punk Compilation lp
Front 01

Dick Dale & His Del-Tones ‎– Surfer’s Choice(63)US.Orig.Deltone Rec. Stereo LP

01.Dick Dale & The Del-Tones-Misirlou Twist

Front 02

The Sonics ‎– Maintaining My Cool(2001)SP.Re. Munster Rec. Compilation Mono 220 g. LP

02.The Sonics-Psycho

Front 03

The Standells ‎– Try It(67)US.Orig.Tower Rec.Stereo LP

03.The Standells-All fall down

Front 04

The Ventures ‎– Super Psychedelics(67)US.Orig.Liberty Mono Gatefold LP

04.The Ventures-Endless dream

Front 05

Monks ‎– Black Time GER.Bootleg International LP

05.The Monks-I hate you

Front 06

VARIOUS ‎– Shut Down(63)US.Orig.Capitol Stereo LP

06.The Beach Boys-409

Front 07

Various ‎– Texas Flashbacks Volume 5(86)US.Reissue Antar Compilation LP

07.The Moving sidewalks-I want to hold your hand

Front 08

Various ‎– Pebbles Volume 3 “The Acid Gallery”(79)US.BFD REC. Bootleg release LP

08.The Third Bardo-I´m five years ahead of my time

Front 09

Blues Magoos ‎– Psychedelic Lollipop(66)us.Orig.Mercury Stereo LP

09.Blues Magoos-(We ain´t got) nothin´yet

Front 10

The Litter ‎– Emerge(69)US.Orig. Probe LP

10.The Litter-Blue Ice

Front 11

The Shadows Of Knight ‎– Back Door Men(66)US.Orig. Dunwich Mono LP

11.The Shadows Of Knight-Tomorrow´s going to be another day

Front 12

The Merry-Go-Round ‎– The Merry-Go-Round(67)US.Orig. A&M Records Stereo lp

12.The Merry-Go-Round-Were have you been all of my life



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