V.A.-North America Good Things,Psychedelic Vol. 1

FrontThis V.A.,”Various Artist”compilation LP,was made by myself with one track each choose from 14 lps in 60´s US,Psychedelic genre.
Janis Joplin,Jefferson Airplane,Byrds,Mothers of Invention,Byrds,Nick Drake…are related artist and genres like:Psychedelic rock,Garage band,
Jazz-rock,Psychedelic pop,Baroque pop,Folk pop….

All the songs recorded are first Originals editions,and those rips are made without use any dynamic range compression,limiting,or EQ of any kind.

Originals LPs,used to cut with masters first generation tapes,that´s the reason than have better loudness range,than some comercial reissues LPs,made nowadays.
Also,I have added an complete vinyl artwork with real sizes.


A2.Judy Henske & Jerry Yester-Horses Stick

A3.The Free Spirits-I´m gonna be free

A4.The Mystic Tide-Mystic Eyes

A5.Aorta-What’s in My Mind’s Eye

A6.Tarantula-Poison Dance


B1.Fever Tree-San Francisco Girls(Return of the Native)

B2.The Cake-Sadie


B3.Ars Nova-Well,Well,Well

B4.The Family Tree-Butters Lament

Galleta side 1
Galleta-Side 2

B5.Paul Parrish-Something of a love song

B6.Morning Glory-So Glad Being Here

B7.The Hamilton Face Band-Steamwhistle

B8.The Insect Trust-Trip On Me



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