The Beau Brummels the first folk rock band,in the US.

Folk Rock style is essentially,a mixing folk songs with electric guitars and drum beats.
For example,The Byrds the greatest US rock band,meld Dylan´s folk songs,with The Beatles harmonies.
The Beau Brummels,were the first Folk Rock band in San Francisco.
During their first albums,“Introducing the Beau Brummels”(65),”Volume 2”(65),and “Beau Brummels 66”(66),made several hit singles versions in the US.

Here there are several songs recording´s,from originals US vinyls,in wav 16 bits format

Front 1

“Beau Brummels 66” Orig.US,Warner Bros lp

“Mr.Tambourine Man”


“Beau Brummels 66” Orig.US,Warner Bros lp

“Play with fire”

Even,during next albums “Triangle”(67) and “Bradley´s Barn”(68) wrote their best and own material,most by guitarist Ron Elliott and vocalist Sal Valentino,who has and strong voice.

Front 2

“Triangle” orig. US,Warner Bros lp

“Are you happy”

Back 2

“Triangle” orig. US,Warner Bros lp

“Magic Hollow”

The Beau Brummels,was one of the most underrated and great bands in 60´s US. rock music.



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