Various- Take Your Headphones(74)RE.,Unofficial Release(2007)promo sampler lp

“Take Your Headphones. Private Use. All Rights Reserved. Cosmic News.”

No more info on cover.

Surely the oddity in the Kosmische Kuriere saga, this was a very, very limited sampler originally released in 1974, devised to introduce Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser’s troupe to the US Market. Very much like “Gilles Zeitschift”, it took fragments of various Cosmic Couriers records and sessions, editing, mixing and splicing them up with spoken messages weird sound effects and even some classical music into a psychedelic headtrip! For sure, one of the most obscure and sought after releases from the krautrock scene. Don’t miss it! Limited to 300 vinyl copies only with handmade cover (including wax seal!) and also includes a 50 X 70 colour poster.. “



Various-Take Your Headphones(74)RE.Bootleg lp,White label,Unofficial Release(2007),LP in WAV 16 bits






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