Eyeless In Gaza,UK New Wave band earliest days

Pioners of the Synth/Electronic bands I followed the band,purchase their lps and went to the gig concerts,too.

In 1980, after releasing some experimental/industrial DIY tapes,Martyn Bates formed Eyeless In Gaza with Peter Becker .

Exploring experimental/Electronic territories from filmic ambience/atmos to rock, the duo start with several albums on Cherry Red records,

– “Photographs as Memories” (Cherry Red BRED 13, Jan 30 1981, Lp)

-“Caught in Flux/The Eyes of Beautiful Losers” (Cherry Red BRED 18/12 BRED 18, Sept 1981, Lp/Ep12”)

-“Drumming the Beating Heart “(Cherry Red BRED 36, July 30 1982, Lp)

Here it´s a live recording from this early style,sourced from a cassette tape.

Eyeless in Gaza-Developing Negatives,11-04-1981

Cassette recorded in WAV 16 bits

A lot of experimentation,atmospheric moody landscapes,Martyn Bates voice sings property but in very high tone,point me as close to other UK PostPunk/New Wave bands,like Joy Division,Cabaret Voltaire,or Durrutti Column.

“Rust Red September”,it´s an important change of Eyeless in Gaza history,as it is.
It´s damned good ,and the music gets more pop feeling,moved away from the early electronic dark synth,albums debut.

Becker´s ability with keyboards and arrangements,mades an synth/pop album,without been easy listening.
Them,Eyeless in Gaza albums of the 80´s are fundamental,of their whole discography.

Here it´s a live recording from this evolution to more pop oriented style,recorded “on air” from a cassette on Wav 16 bits audio.








Eyeless in Gaza-Live at Zeleste,11-04-1985

Cassette recorded in WAV 16 bits

After finishing this live concert,we say hello to the band and a friend asked amazing to Martyn Bates,why they changed to a pop style,and Martyn replies than now gets more sucesfull sales,and Cherry Red records could release more albums,so.


I can do recordings to be transfered in digital source

the most rare original pressings,are hard-to-find albums than often sound far superior to any reissues.Instead to pay an audio engineer,new labels use a quick mastering process than loose dynamics and destructive audio,to save money.

I have submitted masters to record labels and released digitizations with quite good dynamics.

If you have a piece of vintage audio that you would like digitized,please contact me.



Massive world industry of Bootleg vinyl labels nowadays

Bootleg record labels,like Radioactive,Audioclarity,Magic Box…..

With the growth in the sale of vinyl,new record labels have re-emerged in the record market.

The genre of psychedelic and underground music from the 60´s and 70´s,made thousands of albums than many collectors, dealers and distributors liked to do the reissues so much .

Most bands don´t know where the mastertapes are after 50 years or very often they have recorded an album, made 50 or 100 testpressings to get attention from label and radiostations,but the record doesn´t get enough demant,so the producer or the studios lost the master tapes,and nowadays only are available those test pressings and original lps,than could get high collector value in the second hand market,and are the only music source to made a reissue lp.

1.Manufacturing a new vinyl

Audio source is sent to an audio enginer than does a lathe disc,with a manual

cutting machine.The vinyl factory will made the new vinyls,using this lathe disc,on a

pressing vinyl plant. In fact,the vinyl factory have a pre-mastering department,than also does the lathe cut disc.

Them,after printing a new cover and packing,the new vinyl release,is ready to sell in 100 to 500 units,limited quantities.







2.Rights licenses

Paying a copyright and licensing,allows the record label get the master to release a new reissue lp.

All the people involving on the production of the record (artist,song writers,record label),receive a percentage of royalties payment.


3.Unofficial record labels

An unofficial or bootleg record label, are those who don´t pay licensing rights.

Firstly,musicians and relates,don´t get any money for their record.

Secondly,as this bootleg label doesn´t get the original master tape,or a test pressing,in both,used as a master, a cd cut tape or a bad vinyl rip,source.

That means,a bootleg lp doesn´t have the Trademark of Quality.

Bad master tape and not pre-mastering for vinyl,photocopied and pixeled covers artwork,bad labels

print,thin sleeve,and cheapest vinyl pressing(not centered label,warped,noisy,and without matrix numbers detail).

There are two kinds of unofficial records,a ”Counterfeit” tries to replicate the original,

and the second fake,is the ”bootleg” due to the different sleeve packaging.


List of bootleg of psychedelic rock lps,releases



Personally,I should wait a few years for a legal pressing better than purchase a bootleg lp.

I see problems on both sides,the official record labels which are not interested to reissue the album,and doesn´t want to sell licenses,and bootlegs labels than if they paid licenses,do a good reissue lp with TDQ standards quality,them,doesn´t get enough benefits.

Record shops and websites,must named on the description of the lp,than the record for sale is unofficial,even the best thing is to block for sale.



The Glitterhouse- Color Blind(68)US.Orig.Dynovoice Stereo 24-96

Style: Psychedelic rock,funky/pop

Unusual psychedelic US band,The Glitterhouse came from New York rather than California.
“Color blind”,is an underrated album.
The first side competed with the best psychedelic British bands(July,Kaleidoscope,Tomorrow).
An absolute blowing mind,songs like open A side track,”Tinkerbell´s Mind”,or “Princess of the Gingerland”….
The second side of “Color Blind” drops most of the psychedelic touches,and offers more easy listening funky/pop material.
A bad choice with the producer of the album,perhaps.

This is a vinyl rip.A recording sourced from vinyl and transfer in WAV 24 bit format from anolog to digital archive.
As you could check listen to the next files,the sound will be superior than cds,and it´s great if you want to made a vinyl reissue
or stock your vinyls on digital archives.
Please,contact with us,to vinyl rips as your needs.

The Glitterhouse- Color Blind(68)US.Orig.Dynovoice Stereo 24-96

A1 Tinkerbell’s Mind

The Glitterhouse- Color Blind(68)US.Orig.Dynovoice Stereo 24-96

A2 Princess Of The Gingerland

The Glitterhouse- Color Blind(68)US.Orig.Dynovoice Stereo 24-96

A3 Sassafrass And Cinnamon

The Glitterhouse- Color Blind(68)US.Orig.Dynovoice Stereo 24-96

A4 Child Of Darkness (Journey Of A Child Traveler)

The Glitterhouse- Color Blind(68)US.Orig.Dynovoice Stereo 24-96

B1 I Lost Me A Friend

The Glitterhouse- Color Blind(68)US.Orig.Dynovoice Stereo 24-96

B2 Times Are Getting Hard

The Glitterhouse- Color Blind(68)US.Orig.Dynovoice Stereo 24-96

B3 Where Have You Been Hiding?

The Glitterhouse- Color Blind(68)US.Orig.Dynovoice Stereo 24-96

B4 Hey Woman

The Glitterhouse- Color Blind(68)US.Orig.Dynovoice Stereo 24-96

B5 Happy To Have You Here Again



Ray Columbus And The Invaders-Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

This is a vinyl rip.A recording sourced from vinyl and transfer in WAV 24 bit format from anolog to digital archive.
As you could check listen to the next files,the sound will be superior than cds,and it´s great if you want to made a vinyl reissue
or stock your vinyls on digital archives.
Please,contact with us,to vinyl rips as your needs.


Rock & Roll,Garage Rock,Surf Music.

Ray Columbus & the Invaders were a rock group from Christchurch,New Zealand that was active from 1964 to 1966, fronted by the lead vocalist,Ray Columbus.
Influenced by the early 1960s work of Cliff Richard and The Beatles.
On 1965,they toured Roy Orbison and Rolling Stones,during their New Zeland gig.
Leader Ray Columbus later moved to the US where he founded a California psychedelic band,The Art Collection.

During his time in California (1966-68),played with Gene Clark,David Crosby,or The Monkeys.
Columbus went on to become a band manager.
Billy Kristian played bass guitar for the Invaders; he later joined the Keil Isles,a native New Zeland based rock´n´roll,band.

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

A1 Everynight

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

A2 Once Upon A Time

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

A3 The Cruel Sea

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

A4 I Think Of You

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

A5 Spanish Holiday

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

A6 Shakin’ All Over

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

A7 Theme From Doctor No (James Bond Theme)

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

B1 Poison Ivy

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

B2 Willie And The Hand Jive

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

B3 Autumn Leaves

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

B4 That’s All I Want From You

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

B5 Yes Indeed

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

B6 Jimmy Jumps

Ray Columbus And The Invaders – Every Nite(63)NZ.Orig.Zodiac WAV 24-96

B7 On My Mind



The early days of The Bevis Frond,write by Nick himself

The following article is about the early days of the Bevis Frond.,wrote by Nick himself on his own fanzine Ptolemaic Terrascope

The Bevis Frond Museum 1968-1969

I started to play the guitar at seven,in 1967 I learn to play the guitar,listening Jimi and Eric.
I spend months at my bedroom learning “Fresh Cream”,”Are you Experienced?”,with a second hand white guitar and a half dead Watkins Westminster amplifier,purchased by five pounds.
I saw this year a live concert of Stones and Yardbirds.The next think was to find a band.

Bill O´Brian,was a really good drummer,and display his ability with a pretty expensive kit.
My mate Ray Flores could play the guitar,so I persuaded him to get a bass.
Them,I invited Steve Webber to play with us,he played organ for a extreme psychedelic band called the Geranium Pond who gigged at places like the UFO.
One day,coming home from school,I meet Julian Temple,later a film producer,and he suggested the Bevis Frond Museum name,for the band.
We have dispensed the idea of having a lead singer,and I was nominated the person to do the vocals.
Ray and I,purchased a 30 watts amplifier and speakers in Edwards road,so we started gigging at youth clubs and dancings,around NW London.
I was 15 years old and couldn´t drive,so we have to wear all the gear to the venues on public transport.
I remember rightly our set,include the following songs:Hey Joe,Sunshine of your love,Foxy Lady…
Very few places re-booked us,and it was clear that we weren´t going to play The Marquee,or the Roundhouse,or anywhere.
So the Bevis Frond Museum,was no more.

Oddsocks,Folk band

Nick leaves London,and went to live to Waymouth when he knows a girl friend.
A room mate Gerald Claridge,played in acoustic folk duo calls Oddsocks.
He promoted a gig headline by Mike Absalon.
I performed three acoustic numbers;”Flying High”(Country Joe & The Fish-Electric Music),
an own song,”A pearl in Hades”,and ending with a strange version of “Johnny B. Goode”.
Gerard asked me to play just for special occasions with Oddsocks band.

Oddsocks-Men of the moment”(75) lp Folk,country style.

The Von Trap Family

In early 1979,we thought to get a gig,as we got decent songs and endthusiasm,but things don´t goes like it.
We handling our four songs demo and visited the main venues in London,and had a few support with promoters,and played in Rock Garden,Camdem town…
Also,we received several proposal to get a contract and record an EP,too.
In 1980,we formed Woronzow label,a Street name next to a street of St. Johnns Wood,were Kev,Mark and I had grown up.
A couple of useful demos were recorded,and the first single was edited in Woronzow,label.
Only,”No reflexes”,was keep from the Von Trap days.
Gigs weren´t easy to find,and the band disbanded.

The Von Trap Family – Brand New Thrill W001(1980)

The Bevis Frond

All beginnings are difficult,home recordings in a four track studio,own label,and even a fanzine.
Nick Saloman started to made his albums on their own Woronzow label…”I will never put money before music”.
“It depends on the continous support to mantein the label on”.
“It seems the relation with major European distributors was broken,due to some amount owed”.“Also,some distributors didn´t paid the records by cash on delivery”.

Bevis Frond have produced over the last decades,many records likely to come to perfection in “rock” music.
Nick Saloman is a “Sargeant Pepper”,and every album he realise,could be better done than previous.
He had done “Miasma”, to “Inner Masrshland”,taking to “In through the looking glass”,Acid Jam”,“The aunty Winnie album”,”Any gas faster”,on early 90´s.
With that psychedelic guitar feedback,and great lyrics-songs,some of the words,are pure poetry.

“Inner Marshland”(87)US.Re.Reckless(88),WAV 24-96

“Defoliation part I-II”
This is the most lysergic album of all BF releases.

“We’re Your Friends,Man”(2018)UK.Orig.2lps Fire rec.WAV 24-96

“You´re on your own”
Last BF album,a lysergic Free-Jam at the end song.

Bevis Frond-The 17th Dream of Dr Sardonicus Festival,Live at Cellar Bar,Cardigan,Walles,Augost 9th 2019.
An amazing live concert with an extended long version of “Superseded”,and ”Reflections in a Tall mirror”(from “Inner Marshland”,lp).
Last track,is a great acoustic guitar´s song.



This Heat-Deceit(81)UK.Re.These Records(88)24-96

This Heat-Deceit(81)UK.LP Reissue(88)

Experimental rock band from Camberwell,on south of London town.

In 1976,Charles Hayward (Drums) of Gong and Phil Manzanera (Quiet Sun),joined with Charles Bullen (Guitar),and Gareth Williams (Bass/Keyboard),to form This Heat.
Both worlds here,some tracks relates to Canterbury and progressive rock,while others are in art-punk style like Wire band.
The trio experimented with tapes,and percussive squals of noise.

Also,played a few sessions on the legendary BBC John Peel program.

“Deceit” is their 2nd album,and this edition is a DMM pressing,with a stunning DR15!!.


A1 Sleep 2:14
A2 Paper Hats 6:02
A3 Triumph 2:55
A4 S.P.Q.R. 3:28
A5 Cenotaph 4:39
B1 Shrinkwrap 1:40
B2 Radio Prague 2:21
B3 Makeshift Swahili 4:04
B4 Independence 3:42
B5 A New Kind Of Water 4:57
B6 Hi Baku Shyo (Suffer Bomb Disease) 4:03

I have vinyl riped both sides in wav,24 bit source.

Some vinyl rip comments here,

Many many thanks,for this great post!!

Awesome,thank you so much for a rip of this classic album!!

Great album.You´re killing it.

This Heat-Deceit(81)UK.Re.(88) LP

Side A

This Heat-Deceit(81)UK.Re.(88) LP

Side B



Groundhogs-Thank Christ For The Bomb(70)US.first edition Liberty Gat.24-96

Groundhogs-Thank Christ For The Bomb,Orig. US,lp

British Delta-blues band formed in 1963.
The band´s name cames from a John Lee Hooker,”Groundhog Blues”,song.
Members:Tony McPhee (guitar,vocals),Pete Cruickshank (bass),Ken Pustelnik (drums).
Musically speaking,the first 3 lps credited to Groundhogs and Tony McPhee,are a much light shining,for the high level of keyboards,electric guitar and drums.
These musicians,beats many of contemporary 70´s blues rock bands.
About this 3rd album,is quite more progressive than their previous classic blues rock,works.
The title album,is a summary of a protest-folk about WWII.

Play it loud,astonish McPhee guitar solos,he is the British equivalent to Hendrix.


A1 Strange Town 4:16
A2 Darkness Is No Friend 2:43
A3 Soldier 4:51
A4 Thank Christ For The Bomb 7:15
B1 Ship On The Ocean 3:27
B2 Garden 5:10
B3 Status People 3:32
B4 Rich Man, Poor Man 3:25
B5 Eccentric Man 4:53

Some comments about this vinyl rip,in WAV format,

-“Looks amazing.I would buy it based on the cover.Thanks for the preview!”

-“Thank you.It looks like I can retire my old United Artist/Sunset reissue”.

-“Wow,Thank you!,I was just thinking a few days ago,how it´s a shame nobody has ripped an original pressing of this one”.

-“Play it loud,astonish guitar solos.
I can strong agree with that!
Thanks for the Groundhogs”.

Groundhogs-Thank Christ For The Bomb. US lp.

Side A

Groundhogs-Thank Christ For The Bomb. US lp.

Side B



Spiritualized ‎– Lazer Guided Melodies(92)UK.Orig.Dedicated 2×12 24-96

Spiritualized ‎– Lazer Guided Melodies Orig.Vinyl UK

Singer/guitarist Jason Pierce formed his group Spiritualized,from the prior and more experimental style,Spacemen 3,heading by Peter Kember,aka Sonic Boom.
Amazing music from Shoegaze and gospel,to folk and blues.
Influenced by the Velvet Underground,La Monte Young,and Steve Reich.

A masterpiece.Great produced album.
Each label side have different colours,red(“I want you”),green(“Run”),Blue(“Shine A Light”),and black(“Angel Sigh”),are the highlight tracks.
The music source cames from an original vinyl transfer,in Flac 24 bit format.
Great sounding album,that´s a nice example how great could sound a first original LP,edtion if we check with a later reissue lp,or a brickwalled cd edition than sounds cliping,distorted and with low dynamic range.
You could listen each of the 4x sides,in a whole archive.Enjoy.
These are a few comments,people wonder so much after listen my vinyl rip,
-“Spectacular rip! THANK you”
-“Thanks a lot for sharing … my CD-edition for the dust-bin 😉”
-“F a n t a s t i c, thank you so much”

A1 You Know It’s True
A2 If I Were With Her Now
A3 I Want You
B1 Run
B2 Smiles
B3 Step Into The Breeze
B4 Symphony Space
C1 Take Your Time
C2 Shine A Light
D1 Angel Sigh
D2 Sway
D3 200 Bars

Spiritualized-Lazer Guided Melodies


Spiritualized-Lazer Guided Melodies


Spiritualized-Lazer Guided Melodies


Spiritualized-Lazer Guided Melodies




The lost Third Pavlov´s Dog, Album

Pavlov´s Dog

A progressive rock band originally from St. Louis,Missouri (U.S.A.),with lead singer David Surkamp,and Steve Scorfina as a lead guitar.

The St.Louis Hounds(Pavlov´s Dog) (77)US lp.It´s the Third album,(also release as “St. Louis Hound”),is quite similar than first two legendary Pavlov´s Dog albums,
-Pavlov’s Dog –Pampered Menial(75)US MOV(2020) Reissue LP
-Pavlov’s Dog -At the Sound of the Bell (76) CBS LP


A light soft-rock progressive style,with pretentious and pompous music arrangements.
The falseto voice of David Surkamp is weird,and should be apropiate for a hard rock band.
This is a really nice album,and you won’t be disappointed with all these songs, and maybe they will even surprise you in a positive way.

Easy listening genre and accesible pop-rock songs,like “I Love You Still” and “Today”.

The overall sound of this lp is very dissappointed,the vinyl record released by the members is not really a bootleg but a self-released vinyl,than came from stolen cassette source.
Two members of the band were dissapointed,with David Surkamp and CBS label,them try to sell it because wanted to get more money.
It seems only were made officially 99 units,as a marketing gag,but would have easiely sold more than 100s,back.

Here it´s the complete album,recorded from an analog vinyl source,in WAV 16-44 format.

Side One

The St.Louis Hounds(Pavlov´s Dog) (77)US lp.

St. Louis Hounds-Side A

Side Two

The St.Louis Hounds(Pavlov´s Dog) (77)US lp.

St. Louis Hounds-Side B



Fuchsia reconvened.The UK 70s Folk-rock tradition,revived in 2020.

Tony 1968
Tony Durant formed UK folk-rock band Fuchsia, who recorded their self-titled debut album in 1971.
The style developed by Fuchsia was a folkish trio (guitar,bass,drums) with string orchestral arrangements.
Due to the inability of both manager and label to promote the record, they disbanded without getting a successful hit.
After Fuchsia,Tony took his musical career to Australia,playing,producing and workin on jingles,advertising and films.
In 2000, Mojo Magazine tagged the Fuchsia album a “forgotten classic”.
This legendary LP has become an all-time classic, in the vein of groups like Trees, Tir Na Nog, Mellow Candle, Strawbs or the great magical music made in the late 60s/early 70s by Roy Harper,Nick Drake or Van Morrison.

“Fuchsia – Fuchsia(71)UK.Pegasus

F1…….Fuchsia first lp(full álbum) audio 16-44 wav(MP3 source)

Fuchsia II
Now, 40 years on, a string ensemble playing folk-rock with strings is fashionable again and Fuchsia have reconvened and released a new album, Fuchsia II ‘From Psychedelia…To A Distant Place’


(Full album)
audio 16-44 wav(MP3 source)

Due to the coronavirus has canceled the summer tour dates(2020)
Also,there will be a next single in September,FUCHSIA ‘BARRETT’S ALLSORTS’,on Fruits de Mer,label.

Video clip Fuchsia – Melancholy Road (2013)

Fuchsia Song (Acoustic)
Recorded on the roof terrace in Kirribilli Sydney back in December 2019, an acoustic version of Fuchsia Song from the second album “From Psychedelia to a Distant Place”.