Fenton Story-Recopilatori Garatge rock de Michigan,US


VA – Scream Loud!!!,The Fenton Story (2006)GER Way Back Records 3LPs Boxset wav 16-44

Recopilatori de grups garatge dels seixanta,de la discográfica Fenton records del estat de Michigan,US.

La mayoría de las bandas eran nois de edad escolar que imitaban als seus idols Beatles/Kinks/Byrds.

Molts dels temas son divertits,salvatges i garageros,una auténtica sorpresa,com  Beaux Jens i The Plagues.

Aquest recopilatoris ,“Nuggets” i “Pebbles”,van ser als primers editats de sixties garage,seguits de molts altres a paisos de Europa,US,Canada…..

Shadows In The Night
A1 The Quests – “I’m Tempted”

A2 Tonto & The Renegades– “Little Boy Blue”

A3 The Beaux Jens– “She Was Mine”

A4 The JuJus– “I’m Really Sorry”

A5 Chancellors – “5 Minus 3”

A6 The Saharas– “They Play It Wild”

A7 The Jades – “We Got Something Going”

A8 The Chentelles– “Be My Queen”

A9 Headhunters – “Times We Share”

A10 The Assortment– “First I Look At The Purse”

B1 The 9th Street Market– “You’re Gone”

B2 The Blokes – “All American Girl”

B3 The Sheffields– “Nothing I Can Do”

B4 The Aardvarks– “I Don’t Believe”

B5 The Blues Company– “She’s Gone”

B6 The Soul Benders– “Seven And Seven Is”

B7 Black Watch– “Left Behind”

B8 The Penetraters– “What Went Wrong”

B9 The Jades – “Surface World”

B10 The Aardvarks – “I’m Higher Than I’m Down”


VA – Scream Loud!!!,The Fenton Story LP1,16-44 WAV,16 bits

Do You Understand Me
C1 The Mussies– “12 O’Clock, July”

C2 The Jujus– “You Treated Me Bad”

C3 Tribe– “Fickle Little Girl”

C4 The Plagues – “Why Can’t You Be True”

C5 Peter & The Prophets– “Don’t Need Your Lovin’ “

C6 Tonto & The Renegades– “I Knew This Thing Would Happen”

C7 The Barons – “Try A Love With Me”

C8 The Quest’s– “Shadows In The Night”

C9 Me And Dem Guys– “Come On Little Sweetheart”

C10 Renegades V– “Wine,Wine,Wine”

D1 The Plagues – “I’ve Been Through It Before”

D2 The Mussies– “Louie Go Home”

D3 The Fugitives– “You Can’t Blame That On Me”

D4 The Legends – “I’ll Come Again”

D5 The Jujus– “Do You Understand Me”

D6 The Quest’s– “Psychic”

D7 The 9th Street Market– “I’m A Baby”

D8 Peter & The Prophets– “Johnny Of Dreams”

D9 The Pedestrians– “It’s Too Late”

D10 The Beaux Jens– “Trouble Baby”

VA – Scream Loud!!!,The Fenton Story LP2,16-44 WAV,16 bits

I´ll Hang around
E1 Bed Of Roses – “I Gotta Fight”

E2 The Aardvarks – “That’s Your Way”

E3 The Barons – “Don’t Come Back No More”

E4 The Jades – “Confined Congregation”

E5 The Fugitives– “I’ll Hang Around”

E6 The Blokes– “Slander’s Child”

E7 Lyn & The Invaders– “Boy Is Gone

E8 Tonto & The Renegades– “The Easy Way Out”

E9 The Jades – “Please Come Back”

E10 The Pentagons– “Try And Find”

F1 The Plagues – “(Clouds Send Down) Tears From My Eyes”

F2 Poor Boys Pride– “The Place”

F3 Chancellors – “Dear John”

F4 The Assortment– “Bless Our Hippy Home”

F5 The Plagues – “Through This World”

F6 The Aardvarks– “I Don’t Need You”

F7 The Blues Company– “Experiment In Color”

F8 The JuJus– “Hey Little Girl”

F9 Tonto & The Renegades– “Anytime You Want Some Lovin’ “

F10 The Quest’s– “Scream Loud”

F11 The Pedestrians– “Think Twice”

VA – Scream Loud!!!,The Fenton Story LP3,16-44 WAV,16 bits

I can do recordings to be transfered in digital source

the most rare original pressings,are hard-to-find albums than often sound far superior to any reissues.Instead to pay an audio engineer,new labels use a quick mastering process than loose dynamics and destructive audio,to save money.

I have submitted masters to record labels and released digitizations with quite good dynamics.

If you have a piece of vintage audio that you would like digitized,please contact me.




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