Early 70´s English folk psych

John Ferdinando-English Folk rock,multi-instrumentalist

These are a very rare gem Psychedelic folk lps,and I recommend to anyone who enjoys,early 70´s acoustic Floyd,Giles and Fripp,and those than never heard this stuff.

Mushroom -Early One Morning(73) Ger.Reissue LP,Little Wing Of Refugees(92),wav 16-44


A1 Early One Morning
A2 Liothdün
A3 Crying
A4 Unborn Child
A5 Johnny The Jumper
B1 Potters Wheel
B2 Standing Alone
B3 Devil Among The Tailore
B4 Tenpenny Piece
B5 Drowsey Maggie
B6 King Of Alba

Bass, Twelve-String Guitar, Vocals -Alan Brown
Guitar, Recorder, Tin Whistle, Vocals – Aonghus McAnally
Organ, Harpsichord, Synthesizer [Moog], Vocals – Michael Power
Percussion, Bodhr·n, Wind Chimes, Chimes [Wood], Vocals- Colm Lynch
Violin, Mandolin [Electric], Vocals – Pat Collins


Mushroom -Early One Morning,16-44 WAV,16 bits

Mellow Candle – Swaddling Songs(72) Tapestry Records,Unnoficial,later reissue LP,Wav 16-44
Notes:A great hight quality heavy duty paste print,on gatefold cover.

A1 Heaven Heath
A2 Sheep Season
A3 Silversong
A4 The Poet And The Witch
A5 Messenger Birds
A6 Dan The Wing
B1 Reverend Sisters
B2 Break Your Token
B3 Buy Or Beware
B4 Vile Excesses
B5 Lonely Man
B6 Boulders On My GraveCredits


Bass, Vocals – Frank Boylan
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – David Williams
Illustration – David Anstey
Percussion – William A. Murray
Vocals – Alison Williams
Vocals, Piano – Clodagh Simonds


Mellow Candle – Swaddling Songs,16-44 WAV,16 bits


Peter Howell & John Ferdinando – Alice Through The Looking Glass(69)UK.Re.Tenth Planet(97) Wav 16-44

A1 Alice Theme
A2 March Of The Chessmen
A3 Jabberwocky
A4 Dance Of The Talking Flowers
A5 Alice’s Train Journey
A6 Through The Looking Glass Wood
B1 Dum And Dee
B2 The Walrus And The Carpenter
B3 Alice Meets The Night
B4 A-Sitting On The Gate
B5 Her Majesty Queen Alice
B6 Whose Dream?

Composed By – Peter Howell
Performer,recorded By – John Ferdinando, Peter Howell


Peter Howell & John Ferdinando-Alice Through The Looking Glass,16-44 WAV,16 bits



Ithaca -A Game For All Who Know UK.Re.(73)Background(92) Wav 16-44

A1 Journey (Destruction – Rebirth – Patterns Of Life)
A2 Questions (Did You Know – Will We Be Alive)
A3 Times (Seven Seasons – The Path – Given Time)
B1 Feelings (Look Around – I Want To Feel You)
B2 Dreams (Story Of Our Time – Beneath This Sky)
B3 Journey II (A Game For All Who Know)

Drums – Brian Hussey (tracks: A1, A3, B2, B3)
Guitar [12-string Guitar] – Martin Garrett
Guitar [Classical Guitar] – Robert Ferdinando (tracks: A1)
Guitar, Piano, Organ, Mandolin, Percussion, Recorder, Effects [Tape Effects]- Peter Howell
Timpani – Andrew Lowcock
Voice [The Female Voice] – Lee Menelaus
Written-by,Guitar,Vocals,Bass,Organ,Harp- John Ferdinando


Ithaca -A Game For All Who Know,16-44 WAV,16 bits


Shuttah- The Image Maker Vol.1 & 2 (71) Ger.Re. Shadoks Music(2002) 2 LPs,Wav 16-44


Image Maker
Bull Run
Cry My Little Darling
Lady Smith
Village Green
The Crimp
Christmas 1914
The Fens
World War II
She’s A Bad Girl
The Wizard
Tell Me Why


Shuttah- The Image Maker Vol.1 & 2,16-44 WAV,16 bits


I can do recordings to be transfered in digital source

the most rare original pressings,are hard-to-find albums than often sound far superior to any reissues.Instead to pay an audio engineer,new labels use a quick mastering process than loose dynamics and destructive audio,to save money.

I have submitted masters to record labels and released digitizations with quite good dynamics.

If you have a piece of vintage audio that you would like digitized,please contact me.




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