The Cosmic Jokers and Ralf-Ulrich Kaiser,The Kosmische Musik label

If Ash Ra Tempel must be included on a top 10 of a Krautrock list,them add Cosmic Jokers to your favourite Krauts bands,as they are a supergroup.
Former Ash R
a Tempel leader,Manuel Göttsching,was walking and come to a record shop in Berlin,and listen an album playing.He heard a cosmic-jam session,

“What record is it?
Oh,it´s the Cosmic Jokers,lp”.

Manuel looked at his own photograph on the back sleeve,also pictures of Hurgen & Harald from Wallenstein,Dieter Dieks,and Klaus Schulze.

Them,he knows than producer and manager guru Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser,have only paid a session fee in 1973,at the studio recording,apparently the musicians were all high on drugs(Involved with Timothy Leary,on this acid rave) and didn’t even notice they were being recorded and made three lps.

The lp was fantastic,two jam side freak-outs,with a lot of wha-wha phase guitar,Mellotrons and synth effects
Rolf& Gille Lettman made this fabulous trip mixing those cosmic-jam sessions,and did those Cosmic classics albums,“Planeten Sit-In”,”Cosmic Jokers” and “Galactic Supermarket”.


The Cosmic Jokers Featuring Klaus Schulze- The Cosmic Jokers(75) FR.Re. Cosmic Music(75)Quadrophonic LP


A Galactic Joke 22:38
B Cosmic Joy 19:24



Bass, Mixed By – Dieter Dierks
Design – Peter Geitner
Drums – Harald Groflkopf
Guitar- Manuel Göttsching
Keyboards – Jurgen Dollase
Photography By – Marcel Fugëre
Producer – Gille Lettmann, Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser
Synthesizer [Featuring] – Klaus Schulze


French issue on the Cosmic Music label distributed by Barclay / CPF, released in 1975.
Original Copyright with Ohr Musik is 1974.








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1. Cassette tape recorded from vinil lp source.Them,digital transfer from cassette source in WAV 16 bits.

The Cosmic Jokers Featuring Klaus Schulze LP, (Recorded with cassette tape)

2.Vinyl lp digital transfer to WAV 16 BITS.

The Cosmic Jokers Featuring Klaus Schulze,LP in WAV 16 bits



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