Massive world industry of Bootleg vinyl labels nowadays

Bootleg record labels,like Radioactive,Audioclarity,Magic Box…..

With the growth in the sale of vinyl,new record labels have re-emerged in the record market.

The genre of psychedelic and underground music from the 60´s and 70´s,made thousands of albums than many collectors, dealers and distributors liked to do the reissues so much .

Most bands don´t know where the mastertapes are after 50 years or very often they have recorded an album, made 50 or 100 testpressings to get attention from label and radiostations,but the record doesn´t get enough demant,so the producer or the studios lost the master tapes,and nowadays only are available those test pressings and original lps,than could get high collector value in the second hand market,and are the only music source to made a reissue lp.

1.Manufacturing a new vinyl

Audio source is sent to an audio enginer than does a lathe disc,with a manual

cutting machine.The vinyl factory will made the new vinyls,using this lathe disc,on a

pressing vinyl plant. In fact,the vinyl factory have a pre-mastering department,than also does the lathe cut disc.

Them,after printing a new cover and packing,the new vinyl release,is ready to sell in 100 to 500 units,limited quantities.







2.Rights licenses

Paying a copyright and licensing,allows the record label get the master to release a new reissue lp.

All the people involving on the production of the record (artist,song writers,record label),receive a percentage of royalties payment.


3.Unofficial record labels

An unofficial or bootleg record label, are those who don´t pay licensing rights.

Firstly,musicians and relates,don´t get any money for their record.

Secondly,as this bootleg label doesn´t get the original master tape,or a test pressing,in both,used as a master, a cd cut tape or a bad vinyl rip,source.

That means,a bootleg lp doesn´t have the Trademark of Quality.

Bad master tape and not pre-mastering for vinyl,photocopied and pixeled covers artwork,bad labels

print,thin sleeve,and cheapest vinyl pressing(not centered label,warped,noisy,and without matrix numbers detail).

There are two kinds of unofficial records,a ”Counterfeit” tries to replicate the original,

and the second fake,is the ”bootleg” due to the different sleeve packaging.


List of bootleg of psychedelic rock lps,releases



Personally,I should wait a few years for a legal pressing better than purchase a bootleg lp.

I see problems on both sides,the official record labels which are not interested to reissue the album,and doesn´t want to sell licenses,and bootlegs labels than if they paid licenses,do a good reissue lp with TDQ standards quality,them,doesn´t get enough benefits.

Record shops and websites,must named on the description of the lp,than the record for sale is unofficial,even the best thing is to block for sale.



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