Pebbles a Psychedelic movement

Inspirats en la original British Invasion,als anys 60s destacan aquest grups als US:The Sonics,The 13th Floor Elevators,The Standells,The Electric Prunes,The Remains,Count Five,The Seeds….

Durant als anys 80´ torna amb força el garatge rock revival,i llavors les discográficas editan varios recopilatoris en vinil com Nuggets,Back from the grave,o Pebbles,on surten molts de aquest grups de garatge punk i sicodélics,amb una estructura básica de guitarra,baix,bateria,i veu.








Various- Pebbles Box(87)UK Ubik Records Unnoficial Re.(2008) 5 LPS Wav 16-44

Es un gran recopilatori de grups de garatge punk,encara que als discos son grabats amb poca dinámica de só,sense utilitzar les masters de audio.

Album de edició pirata,es un material recopilatori que inclou als volumens originals de Pebbles 1,2,3, i al 5,a més de singles i altres temas del recopilatori Nuggets,que forman el volumen 4.

Estil: Garatge Rock,Psychedelic Rock








Record 1

A1 The Litter Action Woman
A2 The Preachers Who Do You Love
A3 Floyd Dakil Combo Dance Franny Dance
A4 The Shag Stop & Listen
A5 The Grains Of Sand Going Away Baby
A6 The Rogues The Train Kept A-Rollin’
A7 The Sweet Acids That Creature
B1 The Soup Greens Like A Rolling Stone
B2 The Wig Cracking Up
B3 Positively 13 O’Clock Psychotic Reaction
B4 Kim Fowley The Trip
B5 Kim Fowley Underground Lady
B6 The Shadows Of Knight Potato Chip
B7 The Wilde Knights Beaver Patrol


Various- Pebbles Box Record 1 16-44 WAV,16 bits








Record 2

C1 The Split Ends Rich With Nothing
C2 The Sons Of Adam Feathered Fish
C3 The Road You Rub Me The Wrong Way
C4 The Buddhas Lost Innocence
C5 The Regiment My Soap Won’t Float
C6 The Inmates More Than I Have
C7 The Inmates Fakirs & Thieves
D1 The Little Boy Blues I Can Only Give You Everything
D2 Phil & The Frantics I Must Run
D3 The Choir It’s Cold Outside
D4 The Journey Men She’s Sorry
D5 The Wee Four Weird
D6 William Penn Five Blow My Mind
D7 Randy Alvey & The Green Fuzz Green Fuzz


Various- Pebbles Box Record 2 16-44 WAV,16 bits








Record 3

E1 Dave Diamond & The Higher Elevation The Diamond Mine
E2 Teddy & His Patches Suzy Creamcheese
E3 Crystal Chandlier Suicidal Flowers
E4 Naked Truth The Wall
E5 The Electric Prunes Vox Wah-Wah Ad
E6 The Calico Wall Flight Reaction
E7 The Hogs Loose Lip Sync Ship
F1 Macabre Be Forewarned
F2 The Monocles Spider And The Fly
F3 Godfrey Let’s Take A Trip
F4 T.C. Atlantic Faces
F5 Oshun Rattle Of LIfe
F6 Weird Street Carnival The Inner Truth
F7 The Driving Stupid The Reality Of (Air) Borsk
F8 The Driving Stupid Horror Asparagus Stories


Various- Pebbles Box Record 3 16-44 WAV,16 bits








Record 4

G1 Gonn Doin’ Me In
G2 Dearly Beloved Flight 13
G3 The Quid Crazy Things
G4 Satan & The D-Men She’ll Lie
G5 The Haunted Vaper Mauve
G6 Phil & The Frantics Till You Get Want You Want
G7 The Grodes Cry A Little Longer
G8 Bobby Fuller I Fought The Law
H1 The Groupies I’m A Hog For You
H2 Debonires Never Mistaken
H3 The Oxford Circle Foolish Woman
H4 Edgins Inds Don’t Try To Hide It
H5 Bethlehem Exit Blues Concering My Girl
H6 Spades We Sell Soul
H7 Final Solution So Long Goodbye


Various- Pebbles Box Record 4 16-44 WAV,16 bits








Record 5

I1 The Tree No Good Woman
I2 The Gentleman It’s A Crying
I3 The 5 Canadians Writing On The Wall
I4 Satori Time Machine
I5 The Leather Boy Shadows
I6 William Penn Five Swam
I7 The Fe-Fi-Four Plus Wanna Come Back
J1 The Bitter End If You Want Somebody
J2 The Satyrs Yesterdays Hero
J3 State Of Mind Move
J4 Yesterdays Children Wanna Be With You
J5 Thursday’s Children You’ll Never Be My Girl
J6 Thursday’s Children Air-Conditioned Man
J7 The Tropics I Want More


Various- Pebbles Box Record 5 16-44 WAV,16 bits

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