That sort of thing,a drone music


Zoviet France-Shouting at the Ground
“Shouting At The Ground”(88) GER.Re.2LP,VOD(2020)
Cheapest pressing by one of the “new” labels,VOD,Vinyl On Demand,than is only interested to sell quantity and not quality.
Noisy vinyl,with a lot of clips on the background and bad pressing manufacturing,by a German factory Pallas.
C1 Smocking Erde
C2 Palace Of Ignitions
C3 Come To The Edge
C4 Revenue Of Fire
C5 Dybbuk
D1 Camino Real
D2 Stocc Blawers
D3 Fickle Whistle, Hand Over Your Ears
D4 Carole The Breedbate
D5 Marrch Dynamic
D6 Wind Thief
E1 Shamany Enfluence
F1 The Death Of Trees

Genre: Industrial,ambient,drone,musica concrete,tape Music

This is art,one´s of the best of 80´s industrial and a well produced album.
A meditation album of madness and solitude.
Musically is made with industrial drones samples mixed with some ambient “easter” sounds mainly,on long tracks as “Shamany Enfluence” and “The Death of Trees“.
That´s not easy listening rock music,so hard and difficult to enter of this ambient and drone world,plenty of samples,inventive noise effects,and experimental sometimes like Cabaret Voltaire,band.
A music than arrive to your soul as well it could get a Steve Reich,or Coil composition´s.


“The End Of Nothing,The Beginning Of Everything”(84),VOD lp. Reissued and Remastered 2020 Wav 16-44

Another new vinyl reissue by Pallas German bad pressing manufacturing,by VOD German label.


0-1 Das Singende, Klingende B‰umchen
0-2 The Monkey Is Back
0-3 Radar Song
1-1 A Song Before The End Of Nothing
1-2 One More Time
1-3 A Song After The Beginning Of Everything
1-4 Hurleburlebutz

Mastered for this edition by Sam Grant at Blank Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Direct metal mastering by Pauler Acoustic, Northeim.
Vinyl pressing by Pallas, Diepholz.

Original recordings: 11 November 1984

Sides are designated by “0” and “1”


The End Of Nothing,The Beginning Of Everything”(84) 16-44 WAV,16 bits