Nederbeat,60´s Dutch rock

Influenciats per als grups Beats a Inglaterra,Beatles i Stones,i a més per l´ American Garatge rock,al ”Nederbeat”,va ser el boom del rock a Holanda, durant mitjans dels anys 60´s.
Gracies al soport de la radio independent i pirata “Radio Veronica”,van sortir molt grups a la comunitat musical,principalment a la ciutat de Hague.
Els grups amb més seguidors eran,The Outsiders,Group 1850,Q65,The Golden Earrings,The Motions,Shocking Blue,Ro-d-ys,Bumble Bees,The Shoes,i Cuby & the Blizzards.



Group 1850 -Agemo’s Trip To Mother Earth(69)Re.MOV(2013) LP WAV 16-44


A1 Steel Sings
A2 Little Fly
A3 I Put My Hands On Your Shoulder
B1 You Did It Too Hard
B2 A Point In This Life
B3 Refound
B4 Reborn

Limited to 500 copies on 180g vinyl.
Reissue in 3D gatefold cover including 3D glasses













Group 1850 -Agemo’s Trip To Mother Earth(69)LP 16-44 WAV,16 bits








Group 1850 – Polyandri(75)Re.Pseudonym (2019) LP WAV 16-44

A1 Jojo
A2 Between Eighty And Fifty Part : 1850
A3 Flower Garden
A4 Thousand Years Before
A5 Starfighter
A6 Silver Earring
A7 Patience
B1 U.S.S.R. Gossip
B2 Cages
B3 Avant Les Pericles
B4 Pumping Up The Rubber Trees


Group 1850 – Polyandri(75)LP 16-44 WAV,16 bits









Group 1850 – Live(75) Orig.Lmtd. Orange LP Mono 16-44

A1 Paradise Now
A2 Years In Every Day
A3 Between 18 And 50 Part VII
B1 Purple Sky
B2 Noyas Congas
B3 Verandering

Bass – Dolf Geldof
Drums – Paul van Wageningen
Guitar – Dave Duba
Organ – Peter Sjardin

Group 1850 – Live(75)LP Mono 16-44 WAV,16 bits








Q65 – Revolution(66)Re.(2001)Pseudonym LP Mono Wav 16-44

A1 The Life I Live
A2 I Got Nightmares
A3 Just Who’s In Sight
A4 Mr. Pitiful
A5 I’m A Man
A6 Middle-Age Talk
A7 Summerthoughts In A Field Of Weed
A8 Down At The Bottom
B1 Get Out Of My Life, Woman
B2 Spoonful
B3 Sour Wine
B4 Bring It On Home

Bass Guitar,Percussion,Voice,Harmonium – Peter Vink
Drums,Cymbal,Percussion,Washboard,Voice,Harmonium – Jay Baar
Lead Guitar,Acoustic Guitar,Rhythm Guitar – Joop Roelofs
Rhythm Guitar,Lead Guitar,Flute,Saxophone,Harmonica,Slide Guitar,Mandolin – Frank Nuyens
Vocals,Harmonica,Maracas,Tambourine,Handclaps,Percussion – Willem Bieler


Q65 – Revolution(66)LP Mono 16-44 WAV,16 bits








The Motions – Their Own Way(66)Orig.Negram LP Wav 16-44

A1 My Babe
A2 You’ve Hurt Yourself
A3 My Love Is Growing
A4 Hard Time Blues
A5 Late Last Night
A6 Why Don’t You Take It
B1 Sittin’ On The Top Of The Roof
B2 Too Late To Be Sorry
B3 You Can’t Fight It
B4 There’s No Place To Hide
B5 Everything That’s Mine

Bass Guitar- Henk Smitskamp
Drums- Sieb Warner
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Robbie van Leeuwen
Vocals – Rudy Bennett


The Motions – Their Own Way(66)LP 16-44 WAV,16 bits








Various – The V-Lips – Greatest Hits Frizz Bee(85) Mono Wav 16-44

A1 Cuby & The Blizzards Your Body, Not Your Soul
A2 Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group When People Talk
A3 The Jay-Jay’s Got Love If You Want It
A4 The Scarlets Please Go Home
A5 The Skope Be Mine Again
A6 The Heralds Wish I Was Strong
A7 The Falcons Louie Louie
A8 Groep 1850 I Know
B1 Sound Of Imker Train Of Doomsday
B2 Q65 And Your Kind
B3 The Tykes Let’s Dance
B4 Sound Magics Don’t You Remember
B5 Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group Rain,Snow,Misery
B6 The Beatbuddies Pins In My Heart
B7 The Shane Gotta Hold On
B8 Cuby & The Blizzards Back Home

A Collection of Sixteen Great Dutch Beat/Punk Tracks From The Sixties.
From singles released by Philips & Decca.


Various -The V-Lips – Greatest HitsLP Mono 16-44 WAV,16 bits

Groep 1850- I Know La Pensee 1968 TV-Video


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