British Jazz contemporani

Jazz Contemporani,Modern Jazz,Fusion…son als diferents estils musicals de nous artistes Britanics emergents,que reivindican un pasat del Jazz Be Bop dels anys 60´s,per als aficionats que vulguin endinsar-se en el mon del Jazz.









Various -Kaleidoscope (New Spirits Known & Unknown)(2020)Soul Jazz rec.3LPS

Style:Contemporary Jazz

Artistes com,Tenderlonious &The 22archestra,Yazmin Lacey, Hector Plimmer, Matthew Halsall, Joe Armon-Jones, Emma-Jean Thackray &Makaya McCraven graban 21 temes,on es barreja un profund jazz espiritual fins al Funk i la electrónica.

A1 Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra- When The World Was One
A2 Yazmin Lacey- 90 Degrees
A3 Hector Plimmer- Communication Control
B1 Ill Considered – Long Way Home (Live At The Crypt)
B2 The Expansions- Mosaic
B3 Chip Wickham- Red Planet
C1 Levitation Orchestra- Odyssey
C2 Emma- Jean Thackray Walrus
C3 Tenderlonious & The 22archestra- The Shakedown
D1 Joe Armon Jones & Maxwell Owin Featuring Nubya Garcia- Tanner’s Tango
D2 Collocutor- Gozo
D3 Makaya McCraven- Untitled
E1 Nat Birchall- Ancient World
E2 Ruby Rushton- Moonlight Woman
F1 Ebi Soda- Dimmsdale
F2 The Cromagnon Band- Thunder Perfect
F3 Seed Ensemble- Mirrors
G1 Vels Trio- Yellow Ochre
H1 Ishmael Ensemble- Kito’s Theme


Various -Various -Kaleidoscope (New Spirits Known & Unknown)16-44 WAV,16 bits










Greg Foat -The Dreaming Jewels(2019)Athens Of The North LP

Greg Foat,pianista jazz de Londres,mostra una brillant composició amb aquest álbum.
“The Dreaming Jewels” es una excelent edició que captura la esencia de la seva música.

Interpreta les peces amb el piano Rhodes,aquestes 8 cançons mostran un cálid estil de Jazz-funk,library,i fusió.

A1 Sapphire Dreams
A2 Eric’s Breakdown
A3 The Door Into Summer
A4 Not That It Makes Any Difference
B1 Lake Kussharo
B2 Kushiro River
B3 This Is Not Necessarily My Answer,But…
B4 The Dreaming Jewels


Greg Foat -The Dreaming Jewels 16-44 WAV,16 bits








Greg Foat -The Mage(2019)Athens Of The North LP

Style:Contemporary Jazz,Folk,Jazz-Funk,Soul-Jazz

Nové álbum “The Mage” uneix el passat i el futur del British jazz.

Versions de library i bandes sonoras de Duncan Lamont, Art Themen, Ray Russell and Clark Tracey.

Colaboran amb Greg Foat,Moses Boyd i el bateria de Heliocentris,Malcolm Catto,per crear un Jazz modern i universal.

A1 Of My Hands
A2 Endless Love
A3 Drifting
B1 The Magic Radish
B2 The High Priestess
B3 Incantation
B4 The Mage

Greg Foat -The Mage 16-44 WAV,16 bits









Sarathy Korwar and Upaj Collective -My East is Your West(2018)Gearbox Records 3lps

Style: Contemporary Jazz

Grabat en directe a London’s Church Of Sound,el álbum es una performance que uneix la música India amb el Jazz tradicional.

Es un homenatge als músics de Jazz espiritual dels anys 60´s i 70´s,com Alice Coltrane,Pharaoh Sanders,i Joe Henderson.

Sarathy Korwar,mostra que hi há un creuament de cultures entre la música “Western” i “Easter”.

A A Street in Bombay
B1 The Creator Has A Masterplan
B2 Mind Ecology
C1 Malkauns (Part I)
C2 Malkauns (Part II)
D1 Journey In Satchidananda
D2 Hajj
E Earth
F1 Mishrank
F2 Utopia and Visions


Sarathy Korwar and Upaj Collective -My East is Your West 16-44 WAV,16 bits








Various -Psychedelic Jazz,The Best Mindblowing Spaced-Out Jazz Grooves(2008)Boutique lp

Style:Jazz-Rock,Psychedelic Rock,Contemporary Jazz

Moderne Psychedelic Jazz,amb una combinació de rítmes funkies i Jazzistics que emergen als finals dels anys 60s.

Álbum recopilatori que inclou temes de,“The Fuzz” by Roy Ayers, “Uwiii” by Wolfgang Dauner, “The Moving Finger” by Dorothy Ashby, “Ganges Delta” by Okko, “Misty Purple” by Kuhn Brothers & The Mad Rockers

A1 -Roy Ayers- The Fuzz
A2 -Pierre Henry- Psyche Rock
A3 -Dorothy Ashby- The Moving Finger
A4 -Wolfgang Dauner Quintet- Uwiii
B1 -Don Sebesky Guru- vin
B2 -The Kuhn Brothers & The Mad Rockers- Misty Purple
B3 -Okko- Ganges Delta
B4 -The Mike Nock Underground- The Squire


Various -Psychedelic Jazz,The Best Mindblowing Spaced-Out Jazz Grooves 16-44 WAV,16 bits

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