The Cramps,stripped rock´n´roll


The Cramps were one of those incredibly rare bands for whom life and art were inseparable.They lived the Hammer Munsters,famous Karloff.

THE CRAMPS-live at Napa State Mental Hospital Target video,(78)

This think was filmed with,just a videocamera portable and a micro.

Most songs played on this surreal live concert,are from “Song the Lord taught us”,album.


The Cramps- Songs The Lord Taught Us(80)UK.Re.Illegal rec.(85) wav 16-44
Psychobilly style


A1 TV Set
A2 Rock On The Moon
A3 Garbage Man
A4 I Was A Teenage Werewolf
A5 Sunglasses After Dark
A6 The Mad Daddy
B1 Mystery Plane
B2 Zombie Dance
B3 What’s Behind The Mask
B4 Strychnine
B5 I’m Cramped
B6 Tear It Up
B7 Fever



The Cramps- Songs The Lord Taught Us(80) 16-44 WAV,16 bits

The Cramps – …Off The Bone(83)UK.Re.Illegal rec.(84) wav 16-44
This is a collection of band´s early work.


A1 Human Fly
A2 The Way I Walk
A3 Domino
A4 Surfin’ Bird
A5 Lonesome Town
A6 Garbageman
A7 Fever
B1 Drug Train
B2 Love Me
B3 I Can’t Hardly Stand It
B4 Goo Goo Muck
B5 She Said
B6 The Crusher
B7 Save It
B8 New Kind Of Kick


The Cramps – …Off The Bone(83) 16-44 WAV,16 bits

The Cramps – A Date With Elvis (86)UK.Big Beat rec. wav 16-44
The third full-length studio album by the American garage punk band the Cramps,
released in the UK on Big Beat Records in 1986.
The title was appropriated from A Date with Elvis (1959),the eighth album by Elvis Presley.


A1 How Far Can Too Far Go?
A2 The Hot Pearl Snatch
A3 People Ain’t No Good
A4 What’s Inside A Girl?
A5 Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
B1 Kizmiaz
B2 Cornfed Dames
B3 Chicken
B4 (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed
B5 Aloha From Hell
B6 It’s Just That Song


The Cramps – A Date With Elvis (86) 16-44 WAV,16 bits

The lp recordings are just raw files.Vinyl transfers,in digital WAV 16 bits format.

Any post-processing audio was made.



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